Carmen Fernandes is a mouse from Brazil, & one of the mice in Olivia's gang in The Mouse Avenger's GMD fanfiction stories. Voiced by Danni Bennatar, Tara Strong, and Penelope Cruz, Carmen is a very energetic mouse, & may be approached freely without caution.

Cramen Fernandes
Carmen Fernandes, Olivia's Brazilian friend

Full Name

Carmen Isabel Fernandes Santanna

Date Of Birth / Birthplace

May 21, 1892 / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, SA





Voice Actor

Danni Bennatar (young, speaking & singing) / Tara Strong (adult, speaking) / Penelope Cruz (adult, singing)

Height / Weight

1 inch / "56 oz."


None at the moment (but she plans on becoming an artist)

Marital Status

Single (but when she grows up, she will marry her boyfriend [& future husband] Christopher); heterosexual



Astrological Sign


Appearance Edit

Small, & very thin. Has brown fur, curvy pink ears, bright green eyes, a pink heart-shaped nose, a round head, a tiny bucktooth, & little hands & feet. (As a child) Wears a yellow tank top (or yellow T-shirt), red shorts (or a sleeveless red dress & green pants), & brown sandals (or white socks & yellow Mary Jane shoes). (As an adult) Wears a gray T-shirt, black shorts, a black headband, white socks, & orange-red sneakers with white laces.

Family Edit

  • Henrique Fernandes (father)
  • Mafalda Santanna (mother, deceased)
  • Ana Clara Fernandes (sister)
  • Primo Joao Monteiro (cousin)
  • Prima Margarida Monteiro (cousin)
  • Tio Joaquim Monteiro (uncle)
  • Tia Irmelinda Fernandes (aunt)
  • Prima Irene Flores (cousin)
  • Tio Manolo Flores (uncle)
  • Tia Teresa Fernandes (aunt)
  • Avô Jose Fernandes (grandfather)
  • Avó Ana Sofia Fernandes (grandmother)

Biography Edit

To be announced.

Fursonality Edit

Sweet & spunky. Adorable & angelic. Cute & cuddly. Energetic.

Fursonal Information Edit

Likes Edit

Rainbow Toys, reading, slumber parties, singing, dancing, acting, music, art, shopping, G-rated movies, making & visiting friends, going on adventures, toys & games, bright colors, cartoons, crimefighting, candy, anything that’s fun, playing with toys, calling on the phone, goofing off, drawing & coloring, writing, rainbow sherbet ice cream, opals, rainbows, Brazilian culture

Dislikes Edit

Mouses Fiennes, villains, not being able to have fun, being laughed at, anything scary or really frightening, heavy violence, rape, dishonesty, low moral values, bigotry, racism, sexism, being taken advantage of

Talents, Skills, & Abilities Edit

Is an excellent singer, dancer, actress, guitar-player, & writer, & toymaker; can speak Portuguese; can read upside-down; very good at doing impressions; not a bad artist, either.

Pastimes & Hobbies Edit

Playing with toys, reading, going to slumber parties, singing, dancing, acting, goofing off, shopping, watching movies, making & visiting friends, going on adventures, drawing & coloring, writing, calling on the phone, watching cartoons

Prized Possessions Edit

Her Rainbow Toys, her storybooks, her sleeping bag, her music CDs, her toys & games, her mega-playroom, her wind-up ballerina dancing doll, her canopy bed, her videos, her toy rocking horse, her telephone, her video games, her bike, her musical instruments, her clothes, her art supplies, her piggy bank, her scrapbook, her family albums, her snacks, her crayons, her dress-up clothes, her backpack, her triangle, her diary, her coloring & activity books, her computer games, her dolls, her playsets, her board games, her costumes, her computer, her action figures, her puppets, her balloons, her stickers, her jewelry

Favorite Things Edit

Rainbow Toys, reading, slumber parties, singing, dancing, acting, music, art, shopping, G-rated movies, making & visiting friends, going on adventures, toys & games, bright colors, cartoons, calling on the phone, crime-fighting, candy, anything that’s fun, drawing & coloring, writing, rainbow sherbet ice cream, opals, rainbows, Brazilian culture

Whereabouts & Frequent Haunts Edit

Playing in her mega-playroom at Central 221B Baker Street

Particular Habits Edit

Has a tendency to laugh at someone or something bad.

Nicknames, Pet Names, Aliases, & Alternate Monikers Edit

Carm, Carmy, The Brazilian chick

Health Problems / Disabilities / Illnesses Suffered Edit

Colds, measles, mumps, the sniffles, a few cuts, jungle fever, sleeping sickness, scarlet fever, influenza, appendicitis

Education Edit

Goes to kindergarten at Dover Grammar School; will graduate from Oxford College (with the degrees in Crimefighting, & The Performing Arts)

Extracurricular Edit

Plays the triangle in the school band; belongs to the Porter clan; likes opals & rainbow sherbet ice cream; her favorite snack is peanut butter & banana sandwiches; is a very fast learner; likes to exercise by running on a spinning record; is a member of Olivia's kid club; her best friends are Olivia Flaversham, Cynthia Frisby, Mumtaz Muhammed, Priscilla Rodriguez, and Kate Brown, whom she sees every day after school; likes cheddar cheese.

Noted Accomplishments Edit

Won third place in a spelling bee at her school; played the role of Lonette in the school play Flowers In The Fields; has rescued Mouse London from doom on numerous occasions; was once the winner of the Little Miss London contest.

Fanfics Featuring Carmen Fernandes Edit

More to be announced.

Memorable Quotes (& Exchanges Of Dialogue) By Carmen Fernandes Edit

  • "I hear our friend Olivia has Rainbow Toys."
  • "There are mostly rainbows at the end of rainstorms, Livvy."
  • "O brigado. Muito brigado."
  • "Hey, let's party!"
  • "Oi!"
  • "Iai, Livvy. Maybe meu pai won't mind us staying up late."
  • "Even Rainbow Toys make me happy. So does Mumtaz, Priscilla, Kate, and Cynthia."
  • "O meu chame é Carmen Isabel Fernandes Santanna. But you can call me Carmen Fernandes."
  • "No wonder you have an odd surname!"
  • "All right, let's go!"

Songs Performed By Carmen Fernandes Edit

To be announced.

Gallery Edit

To be announced.

Character Modeling History Edit

  • Anastasia Ashworth
  • Jose Carioca
  • Princess Anastasia Romanov
  • Lorelei (from "Pokémon")
  • Penelope Cruz

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